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Kingston Fresh Elevates its Game with French Fries in Kuwait

  • Company: Kingston Fresh
  • Headquarters: Idaho Falls
  • Category: Food & Beverage

On Saturday, May 9, 2015, Boise State’s Yara Slaton delivered an inspirational and memorable commencement address to Boise State graduates. Slaton wowed the crowd with the story of how she turned potential stumbling blocks into the building blocks of success at school and in her personal and professional endeavors. Yara and fellow COBE IB Grad, Hakeem Muhamad, were Export Excellence interns for the Kingston Fresh team that earned “Best in Class Honors” for the 2014 Program. (Export Excellence is Idaho’s version of the National ExporTech Program)

Challenge & Solution

From August through November of 2014 the team, including Nick Proia of Kingston and DEC Coaches Hilary Dovey and Gerd Uitdewilligen of PakSense (now Emerson), created a plan to export Idaho potatoes to Kuwait for the Elevation Burger Chain. The team earned “best in class” honors in part for its final presentation that included a Middle East themed lunch at Life’s Kitchen that included an Idaho twist of Kingston Fresh Fries.

“From TechHelp’s standpoint, Yara was the perfect intern,” said TechHelp’s William Mullane. “She was well educated, prepared, professional, energetic, enthusiastic and fun. She showed tremendous initiative and leadership ability and did not hesitate to take on any challenge that came her way.”

Though there will be bigger things ahead for Slaton and Muhamad, they stepped to the podium on May 9 knowing that consumers in Kuwait were enjoying crisp, fresh-cut fries thanks, in part, to their Export Excellence efforts.

Yara Slaton from Boise, Idaho was the Boise State University spring Commencement 2015 student speaker. Slaton graduated with a degree in international business and a minor in Arabic studies. Her extraordinary academic record, combined with her natural leadership when representing Boise State on campus and abroad, impressed her professors, peers and the international business community alike. During her tenure at Boise State, Slaton was elected the secretary of the International Business Organization. She was selected to participate in the Export Excellence Program, where she was awarded “Best In Class,” and was a member of the Global Scholars Program. She credits her time at Boise State and her fellow international, non-traditional students for preparing her for an ambitious career path.