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Jennifer Verdon

Jennifer Verdon

International Manager
Idaho Department of Commerce Division of International Business

PO Box 83720,
Boise, ID 83720
Tel: (208) 287-3165
Fax: (208) 334-2783

P: (208) 334-2470

Jennifer Verdon is the manager for the International Business Team at the Idaho Department of Commerce. She has a B.S. degree in International Business from Boise State University. Mrs. Verdon has been with the Idaho Department of Commerce since 2007 and the core focus of her team is to assist Idaho companies with their global outreach, primarily via exports. Mrs. Verdon is also involved in the promotion of the state for Foreign Direct Investment opportunities. She has planned and/or participated in numerous global trade activities such as Governor-led trade missions, trade shows, inbound buying missions, trade workshops, etc. Mrs. Verdon is routinely involved in planning international seminars and workshops while also serving as the Chair on the Idaho District Export Council, sitting on the board of the State International Development Organization and being a member of the Investment Advisory Council to the US Department of Commerce.