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Gerd Uitdewilligen – IDEC Chairman

Gerd Uitdewilligen

International Sales Manager

Emerson Cargo Solutions
6223 N. Discovery Way, Suite 120
Boise, Idaho 83713
Tel: (208) 489-9012
Fax: (208) 441-7426

P: (208) 489-9012

Mr. Uitdewilligen is the Director of International Sales support at Emerson Cargo Solutions. Cargo Solutions provides a full line of temperature logging and monitoring solutions that keeps our global clients in the know on the condition of perishable goods through the cold chain. Based in Boise, Idaho, and as one of the first employees of PakSense (now a wholly owned subsidiary of Emerson), Gerd has grown the international business from being non-existent 10 + years ago, to currently exporting to 80 countries around the world. With managing a team in key global locations, Cargo Solutions provides local, regional and global support to its key customers.

Gerd’s export efforts have been recognized by the US Commerce Department with the Export Achievement Award, as well as by US Senator Mike Crapo. Gerd also is a member of the Idaho District Council and coached several companies as part of the annual Export Excellence program.

Prior to PakSense, Gerd was a product manager at Extended Systems, a NASDAQ listed company in Boise. Gerd has a Drs. Degree in International Economics from Tilburg University (Netherlands) and a master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from Montana State University. During his spare time, he enjoys cycling, coaching soccer and travelling the world with his 3 teenage sons.