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Amanda Gibson

Amanda Gibson

Owner, Radix Strategy, LLC
Boise, Idaho


Amanda Gibson is the owner of Radix Strategy, LLC where she works with companies to create strategic clarity, develop consistency in communications, identify areas for process improvement, and build programs that allow for repeatable results and increased efficiency across a business.

A diverse set of roles spanning multiple industries and functions allows Amanda to creatively and holistically help businesses adapt to dynamic market needs. She speaks the language of multiple disciplines and brings together a variety of perspectives toward a common goal.

Amanda makes the complex simple. She creates patterns out of data and ideas and connects seemingly disparate ideas to identify gaps and opportunities. She is passionate about all things food, international, and innovation – and understanding the people that contribute to the whole. She excels at creating order out of chaos and is a strong believer in addressing the root cause over treating the symptom.

Prior to launching Radix, Amanda accumulated over 15 years of experience in roles spanning innovation, marketing, business development, and logistics.  Her background is strongest in the food and agriculture industry and in the global arena, where she has developed multiple programs for high growth products or sectors and worked with nearly 100 companies on export strategy.

Amanda began her career at a trade association in the construction industry where she developed marketing programs and training for an online bidding software. In this role, she regularly identified areas for improvement to enhance the customer’s experience and attract new members.

Originally from Boise, Idaho, Amanda earned Bachelor’s degrees in Finance, International Business, and Spanish from Boise State University and an MBA in Global Business Administration from Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Arizona.