Student Achievements

Many student interns have successfully found employment after working through the Export Excellence program. Your name could be next!

Vera Zdravkova"Export Excellence was the most valuable internship program I completed during my time at Boise State. I highly recommend it to any students serious about building their resume and getting a head start on career planning. During Export Excellence, I spent four months developing an export plan for an Idaho-based tech manufacturer. I had the opportunity to collaborate with local experts, build my professional network, and gain practical international business experience. At the end of the program, I was offered a full-time position."
Vera Zdravkova
International Business Alumna 2011
United States Foreign Service
Snjezana Borak"I completed two Export Excellence internships, the first was with Scentsy during my sophomore year, and the second with High Country Fusion Company during my senior year at Boise State University. My experience with these companies gave me insights into two vastly different industries, one which is dependent on direct consumer sales - the other, on contracts with large oil and mining companies. My Export Excellence internships helped put in perspective the different ways my IB education could be applied, and the growth of international business in virtually every industry. The practical experience I got through the Export Excellence program was invaluable. The hands on experience with real business professionals, and the results my work helped each company yield, was very gratifying and made me a more competitive job candidate. I would recommend this internship program to any student."
Snjezana Borak
International Business Alumna 2013
International Department, Simpot Company
Max Head"My experience with export excellence allowed me see what it takes to thrive in a fast paced, business environment. As an intern for a small company looking at international expansion, a central requirement was to tackle multiple projects at once. From creating market reports to conducting international due diligence, working with a small team of motivated individuals gave me the chance to see the ins and outs of a small business. For me, Export Excellence was an incubator for entrepreneurship. It granted me a perspective of what it takes to start a company and, applying many of the skill sets I learned and honed through Export Excellence, I now run a political consulting firm in Boise."
Max Head
International Business Alumnus 2013
Founder of Matrix Consulting