Home of the Idaho District Export Council

The Idaho District Export Council (DEC) is a volunteer Organization drawn from Idaho industries and service providers whose knowledge of international business provides a unique source of professional advice to help other Idaho firms compete and win business in the international marketplace. Learn more about the DEC here.

Doing Business in Mexico Seminar

One way the DEC serves Idaho exporters is by hosting workshops and events that provide valuable information on exporting and export markets. On June 5, the DEC will bring together state and federal experts for a seminar focused on “Doing Business in Mexico”. The event will focus on the Mexican market, its opportunities, challenges as well as an update on the United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement or USMCA. The event will take place in Boise at Holland & Hart from 9-11 am. You can learn more or register here.

Export Excellence 2019

Until the end of May 2019, the DEC is recruiting a select cadre of Idaho companies and Boise State interns for Export Excellence 2019. Idaho exporters interested in learning and applying a methodology for accelerating profitable exports are welcome to apply. Companies an Boise State International Business Students can learn more about ExEx 2019 or apply for the program here.